Capture Active Audience Attention with Live Streaming

We’ve been streaming for around 3 years. Relatively new to the party in the grand scheme of things but we’ve jumped straight in and streamed something in the order of 550 hours of content for our clients last year.

And we forecast that growing in 2020. Cisco recently reported that live video is outpacing the growth of other forms of online video by 113%. Social channels are driving live video adoption in a big way and new-to-live brands are already talking to us about it as a fixture in their marketing plans for the year. 

What’s more, they’re turning a traditionally non-interactive transaction into two-way communication, whether you’re streaming product launches, events, conferences or you just have 5 minutes and want to set up a micro stream to inform, engage and connect with whoever may be online at the time.

Even for brands that don’t feel the need to live stream their own content, the sector still represents a great opportunity in the form of ad placements. Ad views on live-streamed content grew by 56% in 2018 meaning you can still get in front of those active audiences with some clever targeting.

Over the coming months we’re going to be producing a series of case studies looking at use cases for live streaming in b2b, education, healthcare, e-commerce, retail and more so stay tuned to our social channels for an update.