Breaking the mould with our third consecutive TVC for this furniture retailer



Hatters are one of the largest independent furniture retailers in the country. What sets them apart is their level of service. They’re not out to shift stock from a crowded warehouse, instead, they have knowledgeable, experienced staff at a single showroom who will sit you down and work through what you want.

Their marketing has always tried to make this differentiation clear and in 2015 we were commissioned to bring their television advertising up to date. Due to the success of that work, we were asked back in 2017 and again in 2019. But the most recent work needed a different tack. To coincide with their 60th anniversary, Hatters was undergoing a rebrand with their agency, MVad – our creative had to be bang up to date.


Instead of another live action tour of the showroom we were asked to bring the ‘room set’ style to life with motion graphics and a vibrant edit to music. 

We began with the updated colour palette from the MVad and a note in the brief to consider Mondrian influences. We developed a method of animating a 5 x 3 grid that could work in any direction and decided to see how far we could push it, sometimes keeping it simple by letting shots linger, at other times showing a flurry of movement and activity. 

All of this was edited to a carefully selected and re-worked piece of music that showed the contemporary aspirations of the brand, opening Hatters up to a broader client base.


We produced a total of 6 cutdowns for broadcast. Combined with the cost-efficient media buy, highly targeted on Sky AdSmart, ITV Regions and ITV VOD, as well as extended cuts for social channels, our creative for Hatters has seen yet more return on investment. They’ve beaten sales targets, again. They’ve repositioned themselves in the market and the customer feedback has been more positive than ever. We’re looking forward to 2021.