Supporting Amazon to raise money for a DSP charity partner



While researching case studies for Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners internal communications channels, one story stood out – a DSP in Wiltshire volunteering their time to collect Christmas trees – not only helping their local community clear space, by recycling the trees they were planning to raise money for a local hospice. Like all DSPs, filming them can be tricky given the schedules they have to keep to, so we needed to capture the entire story in just half a day.


We sent a director, camera op and sound recordist into the wilds of Wiltshire armed with a map and an itinerary of when the drivers would be at each location. We needed to plan out a route where we could be there before the vans, ready to roll as they arrived, capture them collecting the donated trees and then getting to the next location first. As well as typical documentary-style coverage, we wanted to get inventive creatively as well as riding inside with drivers we also mounted cameras to the vans and even to the trees!

After the collections were captured we met up with the crew again back at the depot where we captured some interview content both for this project and another in the pipeline. It’s always a good idea to make the most of a shooting day. They can be a significant investment for marketing departments so getting content for multiple deliverables is always worth doing where schedules allow.


We created an impactful film that showed off the DSP’s commitment to their community, with both the client and agency giving us positive feedback. We gave added value with our flexibility to shoot content for future edits and best of all we witnessed the client team raise an impressive £36,000 for their charity partner.