BlogResilience & Community in a Time of Crisis

Resilience & Community in a Time of Crisis

In less than a month we’ve gone from companies thinking about continuity plans and the logistics of some employees working from home, to entire industries shutting down overnight as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. 

Terms like ‘social distancing’ and ‘flattening the curve’ have become everyday talk. The UK joined many other countries in enforcing strict limits to movement with only a handful of sectors exempt for their essential role in keeping the country ticking over.

What’s remarkable is, generally, how well everyone is adapting. Communities are chatting to their neighbours, 750,000 people volunteered to support the NHS, people are looking out for one another. 

Businesses too have their part to play and we’ve already seen the resilience and ingenuity of the business community come to the fore. 

Manufacturers are jumping at the challenges faced by health service providers, producing ventilators and personal protective equipment. 

Many in the hospitality and retail sector, who have had tough measures imposed, have managed to pivot to offer their services remotely during the crisis.

Kitchens have teamed up with delivery services to offer home delivery, either independently or through existing service providers like Deliveroo. If you’d like to talk about how you could make this transition, get in touch.

Food producers have jumped into action to support logistics challenges faced by supermarkets by offering their own veg and meat box services. Existing providers like Riverford and Pipers Farm have been inundated and had to halt new sign-ups.

Garden centres and nurseries have been offering personal shopping sessions to reduce the waste/loss of an entire season of crops. Using tools like Facebook Live and Skype as well as good old fashioned telephone switchboards, gardeners have been able to have one on one sessions with staff who guide them through stock, offer advice and arrange delivery.

As well as remote sales, we were delighted to see Otter Garden Centres making extra use of their time and resources, volunteering with their kitchen team to produce lunches for school children who might otherwise go without. 

The worst may yet be to come, but if this is how we can respond then we’re in good stead for the future.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.