Turn TV ads into Two Way Conversations

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You may well have been to a conference where the organisers have tried to used technology to capitalise on audience interaction.

Platforms like Glisser exist for just that – they take a stream of input from attendees and viewers and make them presentable tools that can shared with the whole audience.

Well, now you can take take that thought and multiply it to your next television campaign.

Group IMD have teamed up with technology firm Never.No to create a tool that allows you to insert social content from your followers and fans straight into your TV ads – you can even update it every single day.

Television, traditionally a one-way medium, now becomes a two-way conversation, allowing you to do anything from run competitions and show live results to sharing your followers’ reactions and engagements on prime-time TV.

The product has been successfully tested and the results since launch have been impressive. One integrated social TV advertising campaign saw one a platform user grow their Facebook audience by 30% during the project – all directly attributable as ROI – perfect for arguing for a top-up in next years marketing budget.

If you think your next TV campaign could do with a boost, get in touch and we can provide a demo.